About Us

Our company estabilished in 1997.



Welcome to the website of We founded the team of grillsziget (grillisland) by using our years of experience in the domestic manufacturing of synthetic rattan furniture to produce brand new and unique synthetic rattan and aluminium outdoor garden kitchens which will make your barbecue much more comfortable and easy.

When designing outdoor kitchens the main criterion was practical usage. How many times did it happen that during barbecue a simple hand wash or storing the cutlery and plates was a problem or even keeping the grilled-to-be food under cooled condition. You can find everything in our kitchens which is needed for a light summer barbecue or making welcome meal.

In our versatile kitchens you can find appliances such as gas ovens, gas grills with side burners, refrigerators, various built-in outdoor kitchen cabinets, sinks and chopping boards. The materials used in the process of production are all high-quality materials like Viro TM synthetic rattan fibres, Ronda Italy TM grill accessories or our private label BBQ ovens and grill furniture.

If you cannot find the kitchen you imagined among the standard garden kitchens manufactured by, you have the opportunity to order unique-sized and shaped kitchens.

All the kitchens manufactured by are domestic products made in Hungary, so we can fulfil your unique orders fast.

In case of standard kitchens you can choose the colour of the braid as well as the colour and material of the worktop which will make your garden kitchen unique.

We hope we can give a new barbecue experience to our future customers by using the kitchens our company dreamed up. Team


We market our products according to the applicable warranty provisions of law in Hungary.

AAccording to these regulations, it is obligatory to have at least 12 months warranty for all the products we distribute. The longer warranty periods are labelled on the products concerned. The beginning of the warranty period is the date of the invoice and the guarantee certificate.

According to the consumer protection enforcement, the manufacturer is obliged to change the faulty product if the failure is observed within 72 hours. Claim for guarantee can be validated only with the joint presentation of the following documents:
1. A copy of the receipt or that of the invoice
2. The guarantee certificate issued by our company

We cannot accept your claim for guarantee in case of partial or full lack of these documents.

If the expiry date or the warranty period cannot be found on the product, please inquire about it at the customer service on phone.


How can I clean my garden kitchen?
You can clean the covering synthetic rattan braids, acid resistant shims and granite worktops found in our outdoor kitchens with warm water with detergents.

How should I protect it off-season?
Every element of the outdoor kitchen is made from weather resistant material. However, it is advisory to protect it from the weather conditions (UV, snow, rain) with a cover sheet off-season.

What kind of materials is the kitchen made of?
All the materials of our outdoor kitchens are made of weather resistant material so you do not have to worry about the corrosion or damages caused by UV radiation. Of course, you can extend the lifetime of your garden kitchen with the use of cover sheets.

What is needed to install the kitchen?
Depending on the chosen type, you may need cold/hot water supply or power supply when installing your garden kitchen.

Can the outdoor kitchen be ordered in unique size?
If you cannot find the kitchen you looked for among our offers, there is opportunity to manufacture unique-sized and shaped kitchen with short deadline thanks to the domestic production.


The prices on the website are gross prices, including VAT, but they do not include the cost of delivery of the garden kitchens.


You can order the kitchen by email. We confirm the mail order in 48 hours and also send you a 30% advance invoice by email. The order gets into manufacturing after the arrival of the 30% advance. You can settle the amount of balance in prepayment by transferring money or by C.O.D.


The delivery is always group freight, we agree on the possible delivery dates a few days before the delivery. The transport tariff is always based on individual calculation.


The delivered product is wholly owned by the seller until the full payment of the purchase price.

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